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      Varley only smiled.

      I suppose so, said Esmeralda, na?vely. Sometimes there was plenty of money, and sometimes there wasnt; it just depended upon Varleys luck.

      It had not occurred to him that the fall from the bridge was accidental, inasmuch as Rosa had deemed it her duty to keep inviolate the secret of her young mistress's errand abroad on that night; he was therefore unable to conjecture why Carice should have sought the river-side at so inopportune an hour, except with a purpose of self-destruction. Nor did it give him any comfort to reflect that her mind must have been set all ajar, before she would have resorted to so desperate an expedient; that only lifted the terrible responsibility from her shoulders to lay it more crushingly on his own. It was he, who, without giving her time to recover from the shock of Bergan's apparent infidelity, or the fatigue and anxiety occasioned by his own illness, had urged her into a union with a man for whom she persistently asserted that she neither had, nor would ever be likely to have, any warmer feeling than respect for his intellectual attainments, and admiration for his professional skill and devotion. To be sure, he had done it solely with a view to her happiness,doing evil that good might come, and finding too late that "Whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he reap."

      A duchess! she exclaimed. Dont you understand? Oh! how glad I am! Duchess of Belfayre! Are you sure it isnt quite settled?

      Yes; it is to no purpose, I know, she said, bitterly. You are married now. You have married this girl for her money; she has slipped into my place, and it is all overall over and done with, and I must live out my life as best I can. But you will not forget me, Trafford. Promise me thatpromise me. It is not too much to ask, seeing that Her voice broke and her head drooped upon his shoulder.It was such a relief to think that she would see Vansittart Crowther no more, that she could wander where she pleased without the hazard of meeting that satyr-like countenance, those pale protruding eyes, with malevolent staresuch a relief to know that she would be in a new country, where no one would know anything about her, or have any inclination to gossip about her. Something of her old gaiety and interest in life revived at the prospect of those new surroundings.


      Lady Wyndover and Madame Cerise smiled indulgently."Wasn't it the wrong time of year for Italy?" asked Mr. Colfox.


      Needless anxieties, all, as he would duly discover. Carice was already feeling her way to the truth, as regarded the lapse of time, by means of the incomprehensible changes that she saw about her; it would not so much shock her as satisfy her with a reasonable explanation of them. The accusation against Doctor Remy would be no surprise to her; on the contrary, its dark shadow continually fell athwart her mind, and prompted or modified all her thoughts. Moreover, as long as her duty to Doctor Remy was in question, she conscientiously checked every thought, every wish, every emotion of curiosity even, that wandered toward Bergan. Knowing nothing of all this, however, and fearing lest she should seize upon this opportunity to ask for the full explanation that he was so loath to make, Mr. Bergan began a lengthened account of the funeral ceremonies. He had deemed it wise to tell her of her uncle's death, both as affording a good excuse for postponing other matters, and as a reason for his own troubled and abstracted face."Yes, there is something horribly wrongsomething that means destruction. What were you doing in London the winter before last, while I was away? What was the motive of your secret departureyour stealthy return? What were you doing on the last day of the year? Where had you been? With whom?"