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      Pen lay on her bed wide-eyed and dry-eyed until near dawn. It did not lessen her misery any that a good part of it was anger at having her will balked. She accused Don by turn of callousness, of ingratitude, of folly; she tried to tell herself that he was not worth saving, but without abating any of her torments of anxiety as to his fate. It was worse than anxiety; she had a horrible, dull certainty that he would be taken as soon as it became light. Like a wilful child intent only upon having his own way, he had run blindly out into their trap.

      "No, he don't."

      "Let me by!" murmured Pen."How interesting!" said Pen. "I'd like to see it."

      From the dining-room her father called her in a strange, agitated voice that sent the blood flying from her heart:

      "Oh God! I'd take you on any terms!" he groaned.

      On the night when Amherst arrived, the Governor called a council of war. [852] It was resolved that since all the militia and many of the regulars had abandoned the army, and the Indian allies of France had gone over to the enemy, further resistance was impossible. Vaudreuil laid before the assembled officers a long paper that he had drawn up, containing fifty-five articles of capitulation to 373


      The 200th Ind. had now been in the field for many weeks, but it had been continually cantering about the country, and the Generals had kept it particularly active on Sundays. Probably this regiment did not manifest any more than the average degree of enthusiasm and fervor in religious matters, but there were many in its ranks who, at home, had always sat under Gospel ministrations, and to tramp on Sundays, the same as other days, was, at first, a rude shock to their moral sensibilities. These were yet keen, the edges had not been worn off and blunted and battered by the hard knocks of army life. True, they could scarcely tell when Sunday came, but they knew that they kept right along every day.


      The detective clattered down the uncarpeted stairs, and Pen opened her door a crack. She heard her father coming up, and from a certain lightness in his step guessed that he was bringing what he considered to be good news.


      After the Battle ? Canadians resist the Pursuit ? Arrival of Vaudreuil ? Scene in the Redoubt ? Panic ? Movements of the Victors ? Vaudreuil's Council of War ? Precipitate Retreat of the French Army ? Last Hours of Montcalm ? His Death and Burial ? Quebec abandoned to its Fate ? Despair of the Garrison ? Lvis joins the Army ? Attempts to relieve the Town ? Surrender ? The British occupy Quebec ? Slanders of Vaudreuil ? Reception in England of the News of Wolfe's Victory and Death ? Prediction of Jonathan Mayhew."Tuesday, then."